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 Carpet Cleaning

A healthy and happy home starts with clean and dust-free carpet. Carpet is one of the most commonly used items in a house. Frequent usage and less attention to carpet cleaning services may lead to the accumulation of dust mites, allergens, and thereby becomes hard to eliminate stains. is the market leader in providing responsive and reliable carpet cleaning services Bangalore.  With affluent experience in state-of-the-art carpet care, In Time Service will provide you with the best residential carpet cleaning services in Bangalore. Our carpet shampooing & steam cleaning services cater to all types of carpets and rugs be it woollen, Persian, wall-to-wall, etc.  


The professional carpet cleaners at InTime Service will follow a proven step-by-step cleaning process to eliminate dirt, dust mites, allergens and odors buried deep in the carpet.  Equipped with high-powered, truck-mounted equipment, we deliver a carpet vacuuming services that’s not only safe, but also gives you the utmost peace of mind. We can handle all your carpet cleaning needs no matter how big or small. With our residential carpet cleaning services, you can extend the life of your carpets and revive its beauty.  


Deliver uncompromising customer service 

Carpet shampooing & steam cleaning is the method used by our professional carpet cleaners at Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technologies, our dedicated crew complete every job right, with an uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence. Specialized in spot removal, odor removal, pet-affected areas, and more, we offer quick, convenient and hassle-free professional carpet cleaning services in Bangalore.  


Offer professional carpet cleaning solutions

Using truck-mounted steam cleaning systems, our professional carpet cleaners offer outstanding results for both residential as well as commercial carpet. The process we integrate include pre-treatment, cleaning, and deodorizing. Also, we offer additional services such as gum and wax removal, carpet protectant, red stain removal and upholstery cleaning. All our carpet cleaning solutions are non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% safe for children, pets and allergy sufferers.


Implement disinfection and deodorization techniques

Whether your carpet has stubborn spills, deep-seated debris, microscopic allergens, or unsanitary animal waste, our professional carpet cleaners will take care of them. Here at InTime Service, we harness the cleaning power of hot water extraction to eradicate pollutants, toughen the fibers and bring colors back to life. We even implement disinfection and deodorization techniques to ensure your carpet doesn’t just look amazing but smells great!    


24/7 emergency service

If you are looking for advanced carpet cleaning solutions, experienced technicians, and superior client care then contact us through the customer care number. Our background verified professionals are ready to offer you 24/7 emergency service. With the firm commitment towards quality, we take pride in providing you with prompt, friendly, and efficient carpet vacuuming services at an absolutely lucrative price. Effective vacuuming of carpet from In Time Service can bring a new life to your carpets!! 


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