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Bathroom cleaning

A clean bathroom means a germ-free bathroom and is a healthy part of every individual’s life. If the toilet is not cleaned regularly, then there is fear of side effect and the people face health issues. To avoid this situation, we have which provides u with expert professionals in bathroom cleaning and toilet cleaning services. The smart professionals at Intimeservice, work firmly in order to help solve your problems with your toilets and have a stress free mind.

We offer bathroom cleaning service to both houses as well as companies irrespective of their size. Furthermore, we offer services end to end in a bathroom. Our dedicated experts will do toilet cleaning, sanitizing and cleaning of entire wash room, soap and water stain removal by scrubbing the floor walls of the bathroom, urinals and toilet seat sanitizing and de-scaling of urinals, wash basin and toilet.


Implement organic cleaning solutions

Our cleaning professionals  are comparatively more advance. We use organic cleaning solutions. Organic cleaning chemicals keep your surroundings as safe as nature. While doing Bathroom cleaning services, we use the UV technique. In UV technique, we are able to keep the Germs away from your bathroom and it is more hygienic than any other solutions. We never use bleaching powder. These powders are very harsh on eyes, skins and other parts of our body .We make your sanitary really hygienic. Our cleaning methods will give you a feel of using new Bathroom. We never apply harsh acids on your tiles and marbles. Thus, your tiles and marbles are always safer with us.


Provide emergency service in Bangalore is here to service your washroom and toilet by the best contractor and systems. We also provides emergency services when you require the most, either its weekend or a holiday may be. We offer 24/7 emergency bathroom cleaning service to ensure you get back to work without any hesitation regarding your health either at workplace or home.  Also, we do installation of bathroom, toilet for all kinds of places. We have the right people, the right equipment’s, and the right technology to offer you the quality and skilled cleaning from our professionals.


Sterile cleaning service is guaranteed

 Are you tired of searching for bathroom cleaning services near you? We have Intime services that work for you only when you are available. Your convenience is utmost important for us. So simply choose the city, the location you live and select the required technicians and book the service, our crews will contact you and will be there in no time. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction as we tend to offer best bathroom cleaning service and maintenance. 


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