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Sofa cleaning service

The soft furnishings in home need to be cleaned professionally at least once in every 12 to 24 months depending on the fabrication. Sofa cleaning services in Bangalore have got the affordability with the city getting busier and occupied. Moreover, with the spread of dust and viral diseases, people are becoming cautious about keeping their living space cleaner. The intimeservice sofa cleaning service provider in Bangalore ensures to provide the complete sanitization of the sofa furnishings using the latest equipment and bio-degradable chemicals.


The best sofa cleaning service for your sofas will vary greatly depending upon the type of fabric used to upholster the sofa. The intimeservice sofa cleaning experts in Bangalore are specifically trained to clean your soft furnishings will be able to identify the complete process required for the soft furnishings in your home with an onsite estimation.  


Offer qualitative Sofa Cleaning & sanitisation Services

Intimeservice provides sofa cleaning experts in Bangalore to maintain the integrity of the fabric, keeping them clean, odour free and increasing their life while keeping your soft furnishings looking like new. At Intimeservice  sofa cleaning service in Bangalore , cleaning  of sofas will vary depending upon the fabric used to upholster the sofa. If your is upholster in a fabric like silk, it may require special cleaning chemicals and our sofa cleaning  service providers will treat it more delicately. The intime  sofa cleaning experts use the right chemicals to clean your soft furnishings with specialised  machines ensuring that your sofa are cleaned evenly and do not stain, discolour or shrink during  the sofa cleaning process, making sure not to damage your expensive  sofa. 


100% safe and effective cleaning products are  used

The sofa shampooing services are provided in Bangalore and it depends on the form of soft furnishings whether it is fabric sofa or leather sofa. Our intimeservice  sofa shampooing service expert use distinct strategy to shampooing the sofas. For fabric sofa firstly, the sofa shampooing service experts  dry vacuum to extract loose dust and apply chemical foam and scrubbing and use extraction machine to extract residual dirt and moisture. And finally the sofa shampooing service expert let the fan or air conditioner on post the service for upholster sofa to dry along with natural ventilation. For leather sofa, the sofa cleaning services in Bangalore dry the extraction of loose dust and recondition the sofa with cream or wax and buffing to regain the shine.


Provide most sophisticated and modern sofa cleaning service

Our is the top sofa cleaning service provider in Bangalore which help to maintain the integrity of the fabric, keeping them clean, odour free and increasing their life while keeping your soft furnishings looking like new. Sofa spa service duration is depends on the thickness of the fabric as well as material of filling of the cushion leaning and conditioning of leather Sofa. The intime sofa cleaning service  professional  will instruct you on the relevant aftercare and expected drying time for your sofa once they have been cleaned further provide  like coatings that prevent staining, mildew etc.  that could serve to protect your sofa from wear and tear and staining keeping it cleaner for longer.


Intime  Sofa Cleaning service provider are available in every part of Bangalore. The professional Sofa Cleaning expert will be at your doorstep ready to meet all your needs


No more waiting! Find the best Sofa Cleaning service professionals near you.

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